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Faith Fueled, Love Led, Positivity Driven; Metastasizing the Fight against Cancer

Welcome to Metastatic Mission, where we stand shoulder to shoulder with warriors in the fight against cancer. At Metastatic Mission, we believe in unique approaches to supporting those battling cancer and our mission is driven by the core values of Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, and Fitness. We are faith fueled, love led, and positivity driven. Focusing on community, fostering a positive mindset, harnessing the healing power of the outdoors and movement, embracing a strong faith, advocating for research and education, to ensure that no one feels alone in their journey.


In the face of adversity, we understand the profound impact that community and a positive mindset can have. We experienced firsthand the importance that constant support, love, and prayers had for our family, and we want to make sure others do to. That's why we create a supportive network where individuals and families battling cancer can find strength, understanding, and encouragement. 

Above all, we emphasize the importance of unity in the fight against cancer. No one should feel isolated on their journey, and at Metastatic Mission, we strive to create a sense of belonging and solidarity. We believe there is a unique connection between running and those battling, and find unique missions to show our support through that. Our first mission was the Run Across Indiana where we raised over $50,000. Read up on what we are doing now!

Our Story

Inspired by Ralph Edward Hartnagel III. A husband, father, brother, grandpa, teacher, coach, and so many other roles. Ralph had an unmatched energy and a heart of servitude that left anyone he met feeling loved and seen. Aside from his family, his passions included fishing, hiking, exploring national parks, baseball, pond hockey, playing cards, and pickleball. Ralph was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2017, an aggressive form, that later metastasized. His mantra during his over 6 year battle was to "Stay Positive". Through over 100+ rounds of different treatments, trials, and doctor's visits, Ralph did just that, inspiring many along the way. We founded Metastatic Mission to honor his memory and carry on his legacy. We saw the importance that a positive mindset and constant support from the community had for us, and we want to make sure that everyone battling cancer feels that too. Today, we are proud to continue his fight, while spreading his message of hope and positivity. 


Ralph's mantra during his 6 1/2 year battle with prostate cancer became #STAYPOSITIVE and his attitude through such difficult circumstances inspired many. He always said that he was able to remain positive through the 5 F words.

Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, and Fitness

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