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Our Current Mission

12 Marathons, 12 Months, around 12 Different Cancer Centers

Our founder is currently running 12 marathons, in 12 months, at 12 different cancer centers. This idea was inspired by when Michael would run outside the cancer center during Ralph's chemo treatments as a way to fight with him. Ralph always talked about how alot of people didn't have that kind of support, so we want to change that. Making sure no one feels like they are fighting alone. With these run we hope to bring community together to show up and fight alongside those battling.   At the end of each run we donate care packages as a way to hopefully bring a little bit of love and positivity to their fight. Thank you so much for your support!


 To learn more head on over to @metastaticmission on instagram or youtube. 



At Metastatic Mission we believe the best way to fight back against this disease is through education, awareness, research and the 5 F's. 

Your donation can make a real difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families. By donating to Metastatic Mission, you will be supporting our efforts to fight alongside those battling, help fund research and education, and spread the "Stay Positive" mantra. To learn more about what your donations help with, head on over to the "WHAT WE DO" page. 

We are an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

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