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"Metastasizing the Fight against cancer through
Community, Movement, and Spreading Positivity"

At Metastatic Mission, we strive to continue Ralph's fight and carry on his legacy by supporting those battling cancer. We use community and movement as a way to spread positivity and fight alongside those battling. 

CURRENT MISSION: 12 Marathons, 12 Months, around 12 Cancer Centers

12 Marathons, 12 Months, 12 Cancer Centers

Our current mission is running 12 marathons, in 12 months, at 12 different cancer centers around the U.S. To build a community fighting alongside those battling, bring awareness to this disease, and donate "StayPositive" patient care packages to patients at each hospital. 

Watch Marathon #2:
Peyton Manning Children's

Next Marathon: May 18th Schwarz Cancer Center 

Want to join for some miles or the entire thing? Send us a message on Instagram


Metastatic Mission Community

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