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What We Do

At Metastatic Mission, we believe in two main approaches in fighting back against this disease. Through education/awareness/research (E.A.R) and through the 5 F's (Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, and Fitness)

According to WHO, between 30-50% of all cancers are preventable. As well, it was estimated that in 2023 45% of cancer deaths were attributed to cancer risk factors that were potentially modifiable. Through working with different hospitals, social media, and our campaigns, we strive to change the prognoses of future fighters. 

Through Ralph's battle, we saw the pivotal role that community played. The sad reality is not everyone has that. We are building a faith fueled, love led, and positivity driven community where patients/families can find support and encouragement. We are dedicated to creatively "metastasizing the fight" through different missions and programs to make sure no one feels like they are fighting alone. 

Movement is Medicine! Our mission was inspired and founded through the connection between running and Ralph's cancer fight. Ralph attacked everyday with a positive mindset and found so much joy and solace through the outdoors and movement. We're dedicated to different initiatives and programs that can help do the same for others. 

Stay Positive Hoodies

At Metastatic Mission, our commitment extends to providing 'Stay Positive' hoodies to cancer patients as a source of comfort and inspiration. These hoodies are more than just clothing; they carry the spirit of resilience embodied by someone who fought cancer with a positive attitude every day.


Inspired by Ralph's journey, we aim to share the warmth and positivity encapsulated in these hoodies, offering a tangible reminder of strength to those navigating the challenges of cancer. Our mission is to provide individuals in the comfort of 'Stay Positive' hoodies, fostering a sense of hope and encouragement as they face their own battles against cancer.

So far we've been able to donate over 100 hoodies to those battling, and our current mission is aiming to provide 312 "Stay Positive" care packages to patients across the US. 



Research and Education

We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact not only through direct support for individuals facing cancer but also by contributing to the broader fight against the disease. A significant part of our mission involves actively donating to research and education initiatives. By channeling resources into cutting-edge research, we aim to advance our understanding of metastatic cancer, improve treatment options, and ultimately work towards finding a cure.


Additionally, our commitment to education ensures that knowledge becomes a powerful tool in the prevention and early detection of cancer. Through strategic partnerships and donations, Metastatic Mission is steadfast in its support of initiatives that drive progress and create lasting change in the landscape of metastatic cancer research and education.

Our first mission, we were able to donate $20,524 to the Throgmartin Prostate Cancer Research Fund at IU Simon Cancer Center. Led by Ralph's doctor and team, we are excited about the impact it will have to something so close to are hearts and in fighting back against prostate cancer.

Movement is Medicine

At Metastatic Mission, our commitment to 'Movement is Medicine' is exemplified through our diverse initiatives aimed at promoting physical well-being and fostering a sense of community.

RALPHIN AROUND: We are working on implementing a new program called ralphin around. Ralph saw the transformative power getting outdoors and staying active had for not only his mind but also staying physically strong. We are planning on doing monthly meetups for things like hiking, kayaking, fishing, or walks. Be on the lookout for more details to come!

Indy Mini Marathon: Every year Ralph loved to participate in the Indy Mini Marathon and loved getting family and friends to join. In 2022, Ralph completed the 13.1 miles while going through chemo/radiation. In 2023, Ralph was able to complete 4 miles, a feat more impressive than his finish in 2022, due to the physical limits cancer was placing on his body. But through challenging himself, and getting out there regardless of how he felt, he found so much joy. We are aiming at putting a Metastatic Mission group together for the Indy Mini each year, have ambassadors, and raise money to have those battling like Ralph come and join! 

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run across indiana 3.jpg


We were founded through the father/son bond between battling cancer and running. Ralph and our founder Michael have a combined run streak that started back on 1/1/2021. As Ralph's cancer progressed Michael seeked ways to join his fight and catch a glimpse of the mental and physical pain Ralph was enduring every day. At metastatic mission, we are constantly seeking new missions in the running and endurance space where we can metastasize the fight and be in solidarity with those battling. 

RUN ACROSS INDIANA: Our first mission was the Run Across Indiana, where Michael ran 157 miles in 3 days across the state of Indiana. It was 2 days after the passing of Ralph, and was a perfect way to carry on his legacy, raise awareness and funds for those battling, and spread the STAY POSITIVE mantra. This first mission we were able to raise over $50,000. A true testament to the power of community. 


METASTATIC MARATHONS: Our current mission is 12 marathons, in 12 months, at 12 different cancer centers around the U.S. The idea started when Ralph was going through chemo, and to show support Michael would run outside his cancer building during his treatments. Starting Jan 21st in front of Simon Cancer Center, where ralph spent the majority of his battle. Michael is going to run 26.2 miles with hopes of raising $1300 per run. Starting regionally with hopes that as it grows we can travel and have people from those cities come and join. Whether they too have been affected by cancer, like running, or just believe in the mission. This is a way to metastasize the fight and show the true warriors that they are not alone in their fight. 

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