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Metastatic Mission Apparel

At Metastatic Mission we designed comfortable, simple, and affordable apparel to help spread faith, love, and positivity taking the negative out of cancer. We designed two collections. The "Stay Positive Collection" made for those battling, and the "Metastasize Collection" made for those supporting and fighting alongside those battling. 


Stay Positive Collection

Inspired and worn by someone who fought cancer with strength, courage, and positivity. Ralph saw the importance of having a positive mindset had during his battle and he wants you to do the same. "Stay Positive" is written in his handwriting, so wearing this collection means you have the warrior spirit of Ralph with you. Currently we are donating "Stay Positive" hoodies to patients to show our love and support while spreading Ralph's mantra. 

Metastasize Collection

Designed for those fighting alongside those battling cancer. "Metastasize" means to spread, generally used to describe the spread of cancer or something injuriously. Through my Dad's ability to find the positive through all life's challenges, we put a positive spin on that phrase. We spread, "metastasize" the fight through Faith, Love, and Positivity.

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